Tuesday, February 28, 2017

When Asked About Your Depression is Your Answer...

When Asked About Your Depression is Your Answer...

Is this you when someone ask you about your depression? FYI, "you don't got this"! You are not alright, and you can't handle this on your own. If this is what you think you're only going to get worse.

When you suffer from medical depression, you can't just shake it off. When you take the, "I got this attitude" you are only making it worse. ( I'm not talking about just the run of the mill  day or two depression)

First off you need to see a professional like your doctor or counselor. Second you need the support from your family and friends. Over look anyone that just tells you to get over it and connect with those that realize you have a problem.

Most of all remember problems were meant to be solved and so goes it depression can also be fixed. It all starts with you seeking help.

There are numbers at the top of this blog for you help if you are ready to seek the normal life again.

 There is NO shame in Depression!