Friday, February 10, 2017

Mind Bending Roller-coaster Ride of Life

Mind Bending Roller-coaster Ride of Life

I think most would agree that riding a roller coaster triggers different reactions in people. Life's ups and downs also triggers different reactions in people.

If you notice in the picture most of these people have their hands up carefree, excited and loving it! Then you have the ones not so much carefree and their excitement is totally different.

The carefree people are like those humans that can process the fun and the excitement of the feeling. Those that are not so carefree see and worry about the possibility of danger.

The non-carefree excitement is more from fear than fun. This is the same feelings in life for those with panic, and depression. The problem is you can always get off a roller coaster and you can't life. Well you can but...(IT'S NOT RECOMMENDED)!

The less carefree people don't understand why they are the way they are anymore that their family and friends. They need your support, what they don't need is ridicule and you saying, "Just get over it!"

Why do I keep repeating my self about the "Just get over it"? I do this because I worry about those with the problem. They already think they are weird and do not need family and friends confirming their inferiority complex!

You say you love them but, do you realize that you just might be pushing them over the edge with your philosophical, "Just get over it!"

Never and I mean NEVER, disregard any comments from your friends or family members if they confide in you they are depressed, want to die, don't feel normal or any variation of such comments by them.

Look up a number for them some help, call an eight-hundred number just do something beside uttering those stupid lethal words! 

Think before you speak the life you save might be someone's you love.

Do you need help? Do you feel unlike your old self, thinking about committing suicide, fear things unnecessarily, don't enjoy things you once loved? If so here are some numbers:

 24 Hour Help

1-800-821-HELP  (1-800-821-4357

Phone: 240-485-1001 (please note that you will be prompted to leave a voicemail)

You can do something to help yourself just do it!

Fear not because you are strong,