Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Depression is Not Your Imagination It's an illness

Depression is Not Your Imagination It's an illness

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Depression isn't just one of those things you can just get over, exercise your way out of and it has nothing to do with self pity.

It is an illness. Yes, just like the flu or a cold even if you can't catch it from others. There are symptoms and a cause for depression. If you suffer with this illness you might wonder why or what causes this illness. The explanation is involved but it boils down to:

1. Chemicals in the brain
2. Hormonal changes in ones body
3. Grief 
4. Medical problems
5. Aging
6. Life in general...

At some point in all our lives we get depressed, so what makes those having a depression illness different. Good question.

The difference between the average person which might get down for a day or so then rebound and those with the illness is we don't bounce back as fast. What for others might take a day or two to shake could takes us weeks, months, years or in sever cases chronic depression.


Chemical interaction in our brains get rewired (I don't know if doctors even know why) but it is harder for us to convince our brains that things are not so bad. Get more info from this site.


They know that chemicals have the staring role in this illness but not so sure as to what that role is only that it's chemicals.

This being said, don't let others tell you to just get over it, go work out or any number of other goofy things people have said to you. You need to just over look them because they have no real understanding of what you are going through. 

Depression is one of those things you just can't explain to someone that has not experienced it first hand. 

What you need to know is there is help and you should seek it. Go to your family doctor, call someone: (There is a link on the right side bar should you want to call them.) 

Ignoring, or trying to ignore it only makes it worse. You have to help yourself by getting medicine to control the problem. 


What I'm here for is your support and understanding as someone that has been through it and still on occasion still has small set backs. I can't tell you what causes it; I can tell you it can be controlled. 


You are not going crazy :)