Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Holiday Depression is Deadly

Holiday Depression is Deadly

 Holiday depression can be deadly. The holiday season is one of the most dangerous times for those suffering from depression. In a time when there is laughter, happiness and good will toward men which leaves those suffering with depression feeling even more at odds with the world.


They wonder why the rest of the world is so happy and they are not. Suddenly they seem even more odd and out of place than the rest of the year. They think there is something wrong with them and indeed there is, it's a chemical imbalance in their brain that causes the thoughts flowing through their mind to become off key with the rest of the world. 


What you need to know if you know someone that suffers from depression. If a friend or loved one is effected, they don't realize what is happening to them, it is not their fault. Unless they have addressed the problem, they don't know it's just an imbalance. They just think they are weird and don't fit in which brings up another issue.


Those of you that know someone like this do not tell them to just get over it or they are being silly.


If they could get over it they would! 


This is something they can't just shake off, it's not like the common "Down in the Dumps" depression. This is life altering and many times life threatening. These people need your support and a doctor so help them. Talk to them explain that it's nothing to do with them as a person. It's only a slight change in brain chemicals causing a different pattern of thought and there are medications that can help them. 


There are all kinds of medications on the market these days to help. However, one thing you as and friend or family member does need to know is, you should stand by them and watch over them if they do start a medication. Not every medication works the same for each person and it could take more than one try at finding the right one. These medications can also (if not correct for someone) cause the problem to worsen so you need to watch them. Be who and what you are...Their friend. 


I hope your holidays are blessed, filled with laughter, family, friends and fun.


Be safe,