Thursday, November 30, 2017

Feeling Like You Don't Matter Having No Useful Purpose?

Feeling Like You Don't Matter Having No Useful Purpose?

Nothing is useless and all things matter. Most of all you matter! If we were all honest with our self; I think each and every one of us would admit that there have been times in our lives we too have felt that way. 

There's nothing to be ashamed of it can also be corrected. This feeling you are having is your critical self inside your own head. You must learn to redirect your thought process from negative to positive. 

Did you know that as you go through your day you touch more lives than you could possibly know? If you train yourself to be kind to others then there is no limit to how much you matter. Now granted, you might not ever get confirmation from those you help but often times you will in the form of a thank you. 

Even when you don't the warmness in the pit of your stomach tells you that you did a good deed and you do matter. It truly is awesome and I want you to just try this simple thing. Kindness costs you nothing, therefore, share it freely.

The old car in the picture with a little kindness and work would become as good as new. It would cost money yes but remember your kindness cost you nothing. 

You matter because there are those people in the world that love you, depend on you and need your help even if the form of help is just a smile when they need it.

You define who you are and you control your worthiness.